Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Introducing 2 New items:

Pop-Tones A2 folded Invitations. Now available in the following colors: Hot Fudge, Cotton Candy, Razzleberry, Blue Raspberry, & Sour Apple. More colors to come in the near future.

10% discount on all A2 folded invitations --code to enter at checkout: INVA2
discount valid 4/15/2008 through 5/15/2008

CutCardstock's newest Pocket fold is the 6 inch square Deluxe pocket fold. These are cost effective pocket fold invitations for those DIY invitations.

6 inch square DELUXE Pocketfold Invitation (6" x 6" Folded size)IMPORTANT MEASUREMENTS as diagram is not to scale-- 6" x 17 1/4" unfolded size (Scored 3" from edge to form top flap and 9" from the edge and scored 2 1/4" from the opposite edge to form the pocket)

Just a reminder that the pocket section of these pocket fold invitations will need to be glued in place. Glue Line by the makers of Glue Dots is a great adhesive for these invitations.

5% Pocket fold discount--code to enter at checkout: PKT
discount valid 4/15/2008 through 5/15/2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Stardreams - Shimmer Metallics Machinemade in Italy, two sided coated, offset and laser printable. This exclusive range of metallic and pearlescent colors has been expressly created to give an "astral effect" to one's work, meeting the more sophisticated trends of fashion.

Stardream Metallic Chiara--Gruppo Cordenon's pastel metallic cardstock and paper.
Amber is a soft shimmer yellow gold color. Aquamarine is a soft pale metallic blue Coral is a pale peach shell color
Kunzite is a plae lilac lavender metallic. Rose quartz is a medium rose pink
Serpentine is a soft pale mint green The Stardream Metallic Chiara colors are all metallic pastel colors. They are available in 8 1/2" x 11" Cardstock, 12"x12" Cardstock and 8 1/2" x 11" Text wt paper. CutCardstock also carries matching envelopes in the following sizes: A1, A2, A6, A7, No. 10 square flap, 5.5 inch squares, and 6.5 inch squares.
CutCardstock also carries many types of invitations in the Chiara colors.





Rose Quartz


Stardream Metallic Chiara cardstock, papers, and envelopes are great for those SPRING TIME Projects. In honor of SPRING and these great papers, CutCardstock is offering a $3 discount on all orders $25 or more until the end of April. To receive this additional discount, use Discount code: SPRING at checkout. This discount expires April 30, 2008.