Monday, April 27, 2009

Mini Album and an Address Book

Good morning ! I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and I got to thinking that lately I have gotten a lot of calls from customers who are wanting to make journals, albums or book type projects. Sometimes its difficult knowing which product is the right one to choose. I say this because I was in the same dilemma recently. I decided to join a circle journal group. A circle journal is basically a journal that will travel the world and come back to you after reaching the destination of all those who are part of ones group. At first I thought picking a theme was going to be the difficult part. But when I sat down to make the book I realized .....oh boy I had no clue where to begin.

Well I decided on making my book as colorful as I could and this is what I came up with.
I made the cover and back pages using our 12x12 Kraft Chipboard.
I than covered the kraft chipboard pages with some pattern paper.

I especially luv our metallic cardstock/sparkly cardstock. So I decided to use them. I also decided since they look so pretty I wanted them to be immediately visible so what I did was cut them in a steeping pattern where you could see a 1/4" of each color. Some of the colors I used are:
Curious Metallic Ice Gold
Curious Metallic Lustre
Stardream FUSE Metallic Fairway
Stardream FUSE Metallic Lagoon
Stardream Metallic Crystal
Stardream Metallic FUSE Vista
Stardream Metallic Amythest
Stardream Metallic FUSE Punch
Stardream Metallic Dolomite
Stardream FUSE Metallic Flame
Curious Metallic Ice Silver
Malmero Perle' Abysse
Malmero Perle' Noir

Here are the pages I scrapped based upon the topic I choose for my album which is "Inspiration". Now each girl will choose a page/color and scrap about this topic.

Now these colors where chosen simply for aesthetic purpose. I knew I did not have to print on them and I wanted the book to be quite sturdy since it will visit many homes and be in many hands. The metallics/sparkly cardstock we carry are quite heavy in stock. Ranging from 86lbs cover weight (Astrobright Glistens), 89lbs cover weight (Curious Iridescent), 92lbs cover weight (Malmero Perle'), 92lbs cover weight(CHIARA Stardream Metallic), 105lbs cover weight (FUSE Stardream Metallic), 105lb cover weight (Stardream Metallic) to 92lbs - 111lbs cover weight depending on the color in the Curious line (Curious Metallic).

Now had I wanted to print on them or just wanted something lighter in weight I would have chosen:
Curious Metallic 80lb text weight, Malmero Perle' 80lb text weight, Curious Iridescent 80lb text weight and Stardream Metallic 81lb text weight (including the Chiara and Fuse line).

After I covered my Kraft Chipboard (front and back cover), cut my metallic/sparkly paper in a stepping pattern I was than ready to bind it all together. This is one of the best tools you can own if you like creating art books/journals. It is made by ZUTTER and super easy to use. It punched right thru the heavy metallic cardstock with no problem at all.

Now my next project started out due to the fact I was on an address book hunt. I quickly found out that the pickings are very slim ! I found out that most people are using their computers or digital devices to store their address's in. I really wanted a physical book I could sit and browse thru.....go ahead and call me old fashion, I'm OK with that. I wanted something pretty but I was also wanting something that would function for today's techno world . I wanted to be able to include websites/blogs, emails and birthdays for all family members. I also wanted a spot to be able to add pictures. After searching high and low I realized If I wanted something like this I was going to have to make it myself. So I got busy.

I started by making a template in PhotoShop. After much thought I decided to make the address book a landscaped 8.5 x 11. I choose this layout for many reason. I knew I could easily print all the information I needed on this size and it would limit my cutting. After much debate I decided to use our Wausau Royal Linen® 80 lb Cover wt Cardstock in NATURAL . The reason I choose this cardstock was because the texture in this cardstock is fantastic and it perfectly gave my album the rich/quality feel I was looking for.

I than decided to use some fabric I all ready had at home that I had gotten on clearance at JoAnn's last year. I knew I wanted some pretty matching pattern paper and I didn't have to go far to find some.....October Afternoon was just what I was looking for:

I was clearly on my way. Once my printing was done and my pattern card stock cut I worked on my search tabs. I decided to use the yellow My Little Shoebox mini alphas. A perfect fit for my tabs. I also was a bit worried about all the handling the alpha's would receive and I wanted them to hold up well so I Modge Podged the tabs.

I was than ready to punch the binding holes. Before I punched my holes I created the cover and back pages by cutting and using the 12x12 Kraft Chipboard . I than glued on a layer of felt to the cover pages so that when I added my fabric it would give my book some substance:

I than started working on my fabric. I knew it could get tricky since I wanted to be able to bind it, cover it with fabric yet not have any seams showing. I did not want it to be glued together either. I created a pattern and was ready to start stitching. Binding it all was actually the Fun part and super easy using my Bind it all:

I created envelopes to hold little odds and ends like receipts and added them to the front before binding. In the back I created extra pages for notes (not pictured):

Here are some pictures of it finished and the spine:

Some other options for printing the address pages could have been (I am only listing a few since we have so many products in stock that could work as an alternative):
Curious Iridescent 8.5 x 11 Cardstock
89 lb Cover weight CRYOGEN WHITE

BASIS White/Natural 80lb Cover weight Cardstock 250 pk 8.5 x 11
Domtar Lynx Opaque WHITE 250 sheets 65 lb cover weight
Wausau Astrobright STARDUST WHITE 250 sheets 65lb cover weight
8.5 x 11

Well I truly hope you were inspired today to create using Card Stock.
Have a Blessed and Creative day,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Product Close Out & A Petal Card Project

Clearance SALE
use discount code CLR at checkout and receive an additional 15% off all items in our Overstock/Clearance section.
expires 4/30/2009

I want to let you guys know that we decided to close out all Sorbet products and they are limited to quantity in stock.

Alternative colors for the sorbet line are as follows:

Kiwi--Pop-Tones SOUR APPLE
Cherry--Pop Tones WILD CHERRY or Basis RED
Cappuccino--Basis BROWN or Pop-Tones HOT FUDGE
Mango--Basis ORANGE or Pop-Tones ORANGE FIZZ

Grape--Pop-Tones GRAPESICLE
Watermelon--Pop Tones RAZZLEBERRY

all ready this morning we have sold quite a bit of what we had in stock so do not wait or hesitate because once we are sold out of what we have in stock we will no longer be able to order any.

Ok now that we have told you guys some not so good news let me move on to some good news.

First I want you guys to know that we are listening to you guys. We are trying to make changes per your CC. We are working super hard to add a gallery to the store. Where we can categorize projects and even a section where our customers can upload and show off their CCS projects. So keep your fingers and your toes crossed that all works well with our NetWork.

I also want to make mention our Guest Designer for May. She is super talented and I have oogggling over her work in magazines and books for quite some time now. She is uber talented and I can't wait to see what Linda Albrecht does with CCS.

oH I also want to warn u ahead of time that also have a Fabulous Sketch Contest coming up. We are teaming up with a FABULOUS Sketch Challenge site and I can't wait !

I want to show you guys a card I made using our 5x7 Petal Cards. I used some awesome Hambly and My Little Shoebox in the inside of the card. These petal cards work great for so many different style invitations or just because cards. You can even mail them with out having to slip them in an envelope if you choose too. What I like is that I can keep these in several colors available and I can whip out a card in hurry with out the mess of cutting and scoring.

Have a Blessed and Creative Day, Norma Kennedy

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Products- Linen and Printable Stardream Cardstock / Designs from Patter Cross and a Winner

Wow I have so much to post about today. We have a product winner, designs from Patter Cross. I created some wedding invitation ideas using some of our newest product and a sale to go with it.

Our newest products are:
Wausau ROYAL LINEN Cardstock
See all 8.5x11 Royal Linen Cardstock
See all 12 x 12 Royal Linen Cardstock

We are also offering a 10% off sale so make sure to click on this link.

Our newest Wausau Linen colors in 12 x12 are : Burgandy, Eclipse Black, Midnight Blue and Chocolate Truffle
I created a few samples to show you what can be done with this Fabulous Linen and (NEW) Printable #65 Stardream paper.

Project List: Midnight Blue Wausau Royal Linen 80lb Cover 12 x 12, Crystal Stardream Metallic 65# Cover 8.5 x 11, Heat Gun, Embossing Powder, Glue, Bone Folder, Pop Dots, Double Stick Tape, Ruler and Ribbon.

Here is what you will be creating. It is a 9 x 4 Wedding/Occasion invitation. It will fit perfectly in our NO.10 Stardream Silver Envelope (4 1/8" x 9 1/2" )
The reason I choose to create this card using our new #65 Cover Crystal Stardream is because when it is printed on an inkejet printer it remains wet with out blurring or spreading (how cool is this !). Because it remains wet I am able to sprinkle embossing powder on it which gives it a beautiful raised image once I dry it with the heat gun.

First I cut my Midnight Blue Linen Cardstock down to 4 x 9.2 inches (cut 2 times). Than I scored (using my ruler and bone) the blue cardstock about 3/4 " from the edge on both cut pieces. What I did next was glue them together from the score to the edge to create a booklet style card. I than cut and printed the Stardream Metallic paper. I simply embossed it while it was wet. What's great about this process is that your creativity is limit less. There is so much clip art and photoshop images that will work Beautifully using this process and an inkjet printer. If you can print it you can emboss it. I also embossed the Silver Stardream Envelope show in the picture above.
Here are some close ups of the embossing on the invitation and front cover butterfly that I hand cut out:

The next card is showing you once again how beautifully our Linen paper can be printed on. This is the Wausau Natural Royal Linen® 80 lb Cover wt Cardstock.
I cut the cardstock down and printed it on a 7x7. The texture in the paper gives such a richness and quality to any project you create using it !
I have shown you today the Midnight Blue and the Natural Linen but we have a great selection of other colors so make sure to take advantage of our Linen Sale by visiting our home store page.

I am so excited now to bring to you the lovely creations of Patter Cross. She is such a sweet gal who is amazing at what she does. If you have not visited her Blog please take a moment to swing by there. I assure you that you will leave her site not just inspired by her work but blessed by her words !
Patter created this amazing Matchbook for us. This idea is perfect to be able to use up all those little scraps you have lying around. This makes the perfect co-worker gift.
Products Used:

Papers: Cut Card Stock pop-tone hot fudge & whip cream, Cut Card Stock brown bag craft & cranberry, Basic Grey Eva

I luv this next card. I luv the strips of colors and how Patter embossed it.
Products Used:

Papers: Cut Card Stock pop-tone berrylicious, gum drop green, and tangy orange; Cut Card Stock grocers brown bag A2 invitation, Sassafras Lass

Check out this next card. I luv the colors....Beautiful Patter !
Products Used:

Papers: Cut Card Stock pop-tone razzleberry and whip cream, Cherry Arte Princess

Wow ....Those were some Beautiful projects ! Thank you Patter for your hard work and lovely creations.

Now we promised a great product giveaway for our "Leave Us a Comment Giveaway"
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I love that you put the link to the store up on the top of the blog.... it sure helps to navigate. I found you have Perle card stock in your store.... THanks I was wondering where I was going to buy my next ream. As my usual source does not sell on line anymore.

THANKS for the samples by the talented Dani!

March 18, 2009 6:15 PM

Congrats Lyneen I will email shortly to get your address and we will mail you your winning package out right away.

I want you guys to know that we are always open for your thoughts and Ideas. We love to hear how we are doing and what you think, so please keep them coming our way. We are constantly working to improve our site and making your experience with us as pleasant as we can.

Also keep in mind I am always looking for designers. If you are intrested please comment here and make sure to leave a link where I can see your work and a way to contact you.

What am I looking for?-- you may be wondering. Well, we prefer it if you have a Blog or a method to showcase the projects you create for us. Simple as that !

Have a wonderfully Creative and Blessed week.