Monday, October 31, 2011

Retro Holiday Wreath

Happy Halloween! As I post this, folks all over the country are getting ready to wear costumes, bob for apples and beg for candy. Trick-or-treating is a true American past time. So that's why today, I'm sharing how to make a retro holiday wreath...what? Of course, the only industry who should put out the Christmas stuff already is the crafting trendy crafters can get their crafts going before the holiday is here. Enjoy!

I was inspired to create this when I saw another "recycled" type wreath. So easy and so fun. Go around your house and gather up all the clothes pins you can find. Make sure you check behind the washer and dryer.

Papers by Cut Cart Stock: 100# Jelly Bean French Pop-Tone, 105# Serpentine Curious Metallics,
Adhesives: PVA Glue, Glue Dots (Glue Dots International); Red line tape (Therm O Web)
Accessories: Silk flowers and leaves (Prima Marketing), Candle Decorating Ring, ribbon

  1. Trace the candle decorating ring onto 100# Jelly Bean French Pop-Tone paper and cut it out.
  2. Using PVA or other liquid glue, adhere the papers to both sides of the ring.
  3. Trim and sand to create clean edges.

  4. Using red line tape, cover the outer edge of the ring and add green ribbon
  5. Cut 105# Serpentine Curious Metallics vertically. Strips should be 3/8" wide x 11". Cut an entire sheet to give you plenty
  6. Using adhesive of choice, glue paper strips to both sides of 24 clothes pins, starting at the "pinch" and continuing out to the "handles". Trim off excess paper. (You will be able to get 3 pieces from each 3/8x11" strip.)
  7. To achieve the best spacing, imagine you are creating a clock. Start by gluing a clothes pins at 3, 6, 9 and 12. For the best adhesion, add a dot of glue to both sides of the pin but hold the top flat while it dries a bit.
  8. Now add a pin to the center of each of those divisions.
  9. Then add two pins in each of the eight spaces.
  10. Embellish by adding silk flowers, leaves and a bit of bling.
  11. Add a ribbon to the top for hanging. String through the center and tie a bow onto the front.
 This is an easy project, made with beautiful papers from and some quick embellishments. It would make a great holiday gift for any special friend and won't add any calories to their waistline.

Again, Happy Halloween. Let's get Christmas crafting!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waterfall Card into a Cute Treat

I enjoy the interactive fun that waterfall cards provide.  I like to use a strong adhesive, like red line tape, to be sure the parts stay where they are supposed to.  Sometimes the little pull tabs get quite a bit of use!  I modified the card just a bit to fit on a gum package to provide a coordinating treat.


8 ½” x 11” cardstock in four colors.  I used Flavours Gourmet Chili Arbol (red), Squid Ink (charcoal) and Smoked Sea Salt (light grey).  I also used a piece of 8 ½” x 11” Malmero Perle Blanc.
Scoring Board
Red Line tape
Other Adhesive (I used Tombow)
Ribbon (about 4")
Two coordinating brads
Mini stapler
Ink (I used CTMH cranberry, grey wool and Memento Tuxedo Black)
Stamps - no bigger than 1 ¾"  for the card and no bigger than  
1 ¼” square for the gum wrapper.  (I used CTMH Winter Play and Our Craft Lounge Penguins)
For the treat:  package of gum that slides out of a sleeve

Step One:  Cut the 8 ½” x 11”  Flavours Gourmet Chili Arbol cardstock for your card base to 8 ½”  x 5½”.  Score. 

Step Two:  Cut the following from the 8 ½” x 11” Flavours Gourmet Squid Ink cardstock:  5 ¼” x 4" and four 2"x 2" pieces.  From the 8 ½” x 11” Flavours Gourmet Smoked Sea Salt cardstock, cut a 9" x 2" strip, and a 5" x 3 ¾" piece of cardstock.  From the remaining Flavours Gourmet Chili Arbol cardstock, cut a 4 ¼” x 1" strip.

Step Three:  Stamp the Smoked Sea Salt cardstock if desired in a random pattern.  Adhere to the 5 ¼” x 4" Squid Ink Cardstock.  Place the 1" x 4 ¼” Chili Arbol strip about 1" from the bottom of the layered pieces.  Pierce holes and set brads through all three layers about ½”from the outer edge.  Adhere to the Chili Arbol card front and set aside.

Step Four.  Cut four 1¾"x 1¾" squares from the Malmero Perle Blanc Cardstock.  Stamp desired images and color, if needed.  Adhere each square to a 2" x 2" Squid Ink square.

Step Five:  Score the 9" x 2" Smoked Sea Salt cardstock every ¾" starting at 2" and ending at 4¼” .  (2", 2¾", 3 ½”, and 4¼") .  Using the bone folder, be sure all score lines are crisp and are easy to manipulate.

Step Six:  Decide which order you'd like your waterfall pieces to go in.  Adhere the last piece to the 2" scored portion on the 9" x 2" Smoked Sea Salt cardstock strip.  Then, adhere the next square just below the next score line.  I used red line tape on the scored strip to be sure I didn't accidentally put glue where it doesn't belong.  Continue until all four squares are glued on.

Step Seven:  Fold the 9" x 2" strip at the 4¼” score line (nearly in half).  Slide the unscored portion behind the Arbol Chili strip on the front of your card.  Secure the bottom of the last stamped image to the strip using red line tape.  The lower edge of your stamped image should be level with the bottom of the strip.

Step Eight:  Fold the ribbon (about 4") in half and staple it to the bottom of the 9" x 2" strip.  This will be the pull tab for the waterfall.

To make the gum wrapper cover with waterfall design, the process is the same, but measurements are as follows:

Chili Arbol cardstock: 7 ½" x 3 ¾",  ¾" x 2 ¼”
Squid Ink cardstock 2 ¼” x 3 ½", 1 ½" x 7 ½" 
Smoked Sea Salt cardstock:  three 1 ½" x 1½" squares
Malmero Perle Blanc cardstock: three 1¼”x 1¼” sqares

Once you've created one waterfall card, the logistics are nearly the same, but score lines and sizes may differ.  The directions basically follow the same way as above.  First, score the 7 ½" x 3 ¾" Chili Arbol cardstock at 2", 2 ¼”, 4 ¾" and 5".  This will help the cardstock wrap around the gum package. Adhere to gum package with red line tape.

Next, staple the ¾" x 2 ¼” Chili Arbol cardstock to the 2 ¼” x 3 ½" Squid Ink cardstock.  Adhere to the top of the gum package. 

Score the 1 ½" x 7 ½" Squid Ink cardstock at 1 ½", 2 ¼” and 3". 

Follow the above instructions for matting and placement.  When assembled, pull the gum out from the container slightly.  Staple the ribbon to the end of your 7½" Squid Ink cardstock strip and the very edge of the gum. 

Happy Stamping!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Cardstock frame and decorative hearts
CutCardstock's fabulous Savoy 100% cotton cardstock is 236 pounds of fabulous! I used bright white cardstock to die cut these simple shapes -- a scalloped square and three primitive hearts using two Sizzix dies.

Using dies makes covering the shapes super simple; just run the patterned paper through...whizz, bang!  I used a couple pieces of Crate Paper's Farmhouse Collection with an apple orchard feel.  I love the old yardstick pattern.  These are the elements I used to create a simple little frame.

After covering the scalloped square and two of the three hearts, I adhered the hearts to the right side of the square using foam tape, then added a couple buttons tied with baker's twine and a small apple slice stamped and colored with Copic markers.

To create the frame's stand I used the third and largest of the primitive hearts.  I just scored the pointy end of the heart about 1.25" from the end and then used a Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher (stapler) to anchor a 1.5" piece of thin red ribbon between the frame's back and the stand.  The staple does show through onto the front of the frame, but the pattern is busy enough that you hardly notice.  And, once a photo is placed onto the frame, it won't show at all.

Now, this little frame is super cute all by itself, but I thought it would be fun to give it as a gift and remembered I had some luxurious 6" square envelopes from CutCardstock so I cut a 5.75" x 11" piece of white cardstock (regular weight, not heavyweight) and scored it at 5.5".  This didn't create a perfect square when folded, but it was the perfect size to frame my frame!
Finished frame
Next I cut a 5.25" x 5.5" piece of patterned paper and rounded two edges to mirror what I'd done to the actual card base.  I then cut a slit into the patterned paper before adhering it so that I could slip the frame's stand into it and have it hold the frame squarely in the center of the card.  Genius!
Cut a slit into the card front for frame
Stamped & paper pieced interior
I added a couple paper pieced apple images from a set called "The Core of It" from Sweet Stamp Shop to coordinate with the apple slice on the frame itself.  The sentiment "Life is messy, take a bite!" fit the photo I plan to use perfectly.  On the back of my card I used a cute apple image from the set with "Made By:" inside it.  I stamped the apple slice on the corner of the envelope and colored it with pencils.  This stamp set is perfect for paper piecing, coloring and has plenty of images that I can use on cards and page layouts.
Set from Sweet Stamp Shop
Life is messy, take a bite!
After slipping the frame into the card front my simple gift is ready to give.  You can make this easy project even without the help of dies, but be sure to use some wonderful Savoy heavyweight cardstock -- it's the best!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple School Picture Layout

I love seeing my children change each year in their school pictures. While I'd love to have the years of pictures on the wall, it's nice to have them in our scrapbooks as well. Here's a 12 x 12 layout that works for just one picture....

School Days Layout from Amber Lawrence

  • Basis White12 x 12 cardstock
  • 5 strips of coordinating patterned paper, random widths and lengths
  • Chipboard embellishments
  • A favorite adhesive
  • One picture
  • Patterned paper mat (sized ¼” larger in width and height than the picture)
Mat your picture with the coordinating patterned paper and set aside.
On the Basis 12 x 12 white cardstock, randomly lay out the strips of patterned paper in the order you like best.  Adhere them down.
 I staggered my strips on one side and then trimmed them all to line up with the cardstock on the other edge.
 Place down your matted picture and add the embellishments.

You have a simple yet stylish look for a single picture layout!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Elegant Paper Chandelier Tutorial

This month's featured discount includes card stock over 120lb and Muscletone Pop-Tone cover certainly qualifies, "weighing in" at 140 lb. As I pondered how to feature this paper, I knew a 3D project was in order. Then, white out shopping for groceries, I saw a black Halloween tree made of two pieces of foam core. It was Since the two pieces were criss-crossed to make an "X," it stood up. Using that idea, I was inspired to create a chandelier

This is not a complicated project but plan to take your time to make it fabulous.
Gather supplies

  1. Spray Muscletone POP-TONE in Sweet Tooth with metallic spray on one side of each piece. Allow to dry. Repeat for the back sides. Using more thin layers is better than fewer thick ones. So add layers to get the desired amount of color, allowing them to dry in between.
  2. Sketch half of a chandelier. You can see how I did mine in the photo above. Cut out the folded piece to get two exact halves. This is your pattern.
  3. Use the pattern to trim two pieces from the Muscletone POP-TONE paper. I found it best to use a kraft knife on a cutting surface.
  4. After cutting two sets, cut one down the center to the hole from the top and one up to the center from the bottom. (I placed the following images onto black paper to better show the white project.)
  5. Slip the two pieces together, and glue them along the seams, top and bottom.
  6. While allowing it to dry, create the candle bases by folding Basis White 80 lb. card stock and trimming them as shown.
    (1) start with a square approximately 3x3".
    (2) fold in half and (3) in half again

    (4) fold down the loose corners on front and (5) back to make a triangle
    (6) using the same corners, fold again to smaller triangles on front and back

    (7) turn the piece over and open the center
    (8) fold the larger corner toward the center and (9) finish on both sides

    (10) the piece will look like this after step 9
    (11) fold the piece back onto itself
    (12) trim in a "v" shape, at approximately 1" for the large circles and 3/4" for the small ones
  7. Open the candle bases until it is just folded in half. Trim a slit down the center that will fit over the candle holder.
  8. Next, string white seed beads onto fishing line. About every 2½", make a "point" by stringing a bead and then re-stringing the previous bead. Continue with the next section.
  9. String four sections, and tie the ends of the line together with a square knot. Adhere to the chandelier.
  10. Make the candles by trimming more Muscletone into four 2½" pieces and four 2½x½" pieces. Snip a small slit in the bottom of each candle so it can be slid onto the end of the candle post. Glue the bases onto the arms and then add the candles.

  11. Embellish the chandelier with gems, beads, ribbons, silk flowers, a tassel, whatever elegant bling you find.
  12. Hang using fishing line or ribbon. Enjoy!

Supplies: Sweet Tooth Muscletone POP-TONE 140 lb
Basis White 80 lb.
If you are looking for a full list of supplies click on my blog.
Thanks for stopping by today. Remember all Heavy Card Stock is on sale through October 31st.

Keep creating, Eli