Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Minute "Thank You" Tag!

In the final stretch of the school year, I needed a quick tag to tie onto the bag filled with goodies for the teacher.  This came together so quickly and I could easily make quite a few of them to keep on hand.
The tag is die cut using Brown Bag Kraft cardstock.  The cute green hole reinforcer is just a circle punch from Pop Tones Sour Apple cardstock and then a hole punched in the center of it.
I added a little washi tape, bakery twine, paper flower and this cute "thank you" wood flag from Jillibean Soup and it all came together.  The flower and wood flag attached so well using the mini glue dots!

CutCardStock products used in the project:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Spring" Policy 10. Wedding Invitation Digital Freebie Download

I adore any and all projects created in the Policy 10. format. There is something about the slender long size that just makes me happy. So I created for you a "Spring" Digital Invitation.
In the sample I created it as a Wedding Invitation but really it can be used for just about any event.

The files you will be downloading are a PNG for the invite with a background but I have also included it as a PSD with a removable background.
Super easy to do in Photoshop & Elements.
Just head over to your layers palette area in the right side and click on the eye or check the box next to the background layer to remove/hide it.

I also maintained the original Policy 10. sz of  4x9.2 so that if you have a laser printer and want to print directly on our Policy 10. flat cards you can. Make sure to check out the great selection of colors in the store!

Now as you see in my demo below I actually printed my samples a bit smaller. It is super easy to do in Photoshop/Elements by simply:
1.) Opening up the downloaded image
2.) Click on image
3.) Then click on image resize
4.) Then again on image size
5.) Here a box will pop up that will let you add the measurements you would want to change it to.
This method is great if you want to use the available Policy 10 Flat cards and layer your printable ontop as shown in the demo pictures below.

You can find the Policy 10. Flat Cards Here

Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's make a pinwheel!

You might remember earlier in the month I taught you how to create a fun insert to your envelopes.  And I featured the birthday invitations to my son's Pirate Parrrty.  Well, let us revisit his amazing party and learn how to create fun accents that can add flair to any part of your home for the special event!
Supply List:
Accents for Pinwheel
Hole Punch/CropADile
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Bamboo Skewer
Scoring Board (optional)

Step 1:  Take your Cardstock and cut it into a square.  The larger the square, the larger the pinwheel.  Here I used 5x5 squares.
Step 2:  It's time to score your lines.  Use your score board or trimmer to help keep your lines straight.
Step 2.1:  If you have a score board, put in your envie template and score.
Step 2.2:  If you do not have a score board, put your paper, diagonally on your trimmer and use the guides and blade placement to help with your scoring.  Use the bone folder and score.
Step 3:  Score two lines, corner to corner.  It should like a big X.
Step 4:  Take your scissors and cut on the score marks.  You want to cut on each side, but stop about half an inch before you get to the intersection of the score lines.

Step 5:  Grab your hand dandy hole puncher devise and punch four holes.  Note the placement of the holes with the sides of the corners.  Either say to the left of the cut lines or the right of the cut lines.  Keep it symmetrical. 
Step 6:  Once you have your four holes punched, it's time to punch one more in the center of the square. 
Step 7:  Start to pull your pinwheel together by placing the brad into one of the holes, then slightly fold over the next flap with a hole and insert the brad.  Repeat for the remaing holes.
Tip:  To not crease your folds.  Your flaps will need a bit of an adjustment, which is normal.  Adjust the flaps before securing the brad.
Step 8:  Secure your brad.  Make sure it's nice and tight so it does not come undone.  And remember... no creasing the flaps!  Lightly fold them into place if you need to.  Creasing the flaps will defeat the purpose of the 'pinwheel' effect we are trying to achieve. 
 Step 9:  To adhere your skewer, use a hot glue gun.  Make sure it's nice and hot and ready to use and apply a few globs (yes globs!) in between the folds of a flap.
Step 10:  Insert skewer to hot glue glob and press.  Hold in place for 20-30 seconds to give the glue amble time to dry/cool. 
Tip:  Please be careful when using a hot glue gun.  We have fingerprints for a reason and you never want to be caught with out yours.  Right?
Step 11:  Add your accent.  Here I used two circle punches of patterned paper and a stamped sentiment.  This is to cover up the brad and to add a little something special to the pinwheel.  If you like your brad, then by all means skip this step.  But I for one have so many ugly brads collecting dust I jump at the chance to use them on something productive!
There you go!  Paper Pinwheels created for your next function!  The fun part about these, you can reuse them as much as you want!  The thicker the paper, the longer the pinwheel will last!  And if you use a removable adhesive on your accents, you can change them out for each time you need to!
Below are some photos from the Pirate Parrrrty!  If you want to check out the details on this party, visit my blog!
Tip:  Sometimes envelopes aren't just for mailing stuff off!  I have used spare A7 envies in my projects for the simple fact I LOVED the color!  You can create pinwheels with your envies, just take your trimmer and trim them up!  And in some cases, you can get two squares or more from each envie! 

Be sure to check out to get on the amazing sale on all invitation sets!  Save 15% off, no coupon, no code, for the rest of the month!! Products Used:

Friday, May 24, 2013

At Sixty with Jamie Cripps

Good morning!  Jamie back with you today sharing a fun masculine card using the Brown Bag KRAFT A7 folded invitations!  The Brown Bag folded blank invitations are 100% recycled and 65# weight.  They are great for printing your cards, stamping, calligraphy and more and there are matching envelopes are available too! You can find all the sizes here.

I inked around the edges of the Brown Bag KRAFT A7 folded invitation with brown ink then added in a couple pieces of patterned paper.  I placed adhesive down then placed cuts of hemp twine across the front of the card.  I created the chalkboard like sentiment digitally then printed it out and adhered it on the red polka dot paper then attached it to the front of the card using foam adhesive. Supplies:

Brown Bag KRAFT A7 folded invitations 25 pack - Buy CardstockGlue Dots Mini Dot N' Go  

Other Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Giddy Up! by Samantha Walker (Carta Bella)
Twine: Hemp

Ink: Dark Brown, Warm Red, Cat's Eye Chalk (ClearSnap)

Thanks so much for joining me today be sure to check back to see more masculine cards and projects!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silhouetted Baby Album Tutorial (Grad too)

When I am ready to create a quick gift for someone, I am overwhelmed by the options of mini albums, gift boxes, decorative home items and more. For several years, I've noticed some chipboard albums that are stacked by progressively longer pages used to spell out a word: Home, Mother, Father, etc. This week, while planning to become a Great Aunt (I'm too young for this.), I decided I wanted to make one.
Now I'm sharing it with you and am providing templates for a few letters. Here is the baby album I created:
Begin by downloading the pdf(s) for your desired word and print onto scrap paper: BABY, GRAD, LOVE. Rough cut the letters so each stands alone.
Using 12x12" Kraft Chipboard, cut one sheet into two 6x12" pages, as many as you need for letters, plus one for the back page. (I cut three sheets into 6 pieces and used all but one sheet.)
Place the printed letters on the right edge of the page and cut out the right side and middle of the letters using a craft knife.

I included this picture to show you that if your pattern doesn't print
the right size, you can stretch it (or shrink it) as needed.
When all letters are trimmed, stack them in order and spread them out to form the word. 
Then cut off the left page edges so they are all even. I chose to keep my back page at 12x12".
Using 8-1/2x11" card stock, cover the front of each page. I used Pop Tones colors: Razzleberry, Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry. After adhering the card stock to the surface, cut around the chipboard inside and out.
Then adhere card stock to the backs of each page and trim again.
Embellish the album with patterned papers, ribbons, buttons, charms, whatever you have to make it special for the recipient.

Bind the album using your favorite binding system.
Add ribbons and a charm to the binding.

Now just wrap it up for a special someone in your life and enjoy the spring season of celebration.
Cut Card Stock products used in this project: