Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hey Hey...

A quick backlog of this card. We have a squirrel that is digging up our yard obsessively getting ready for winter. The kids and I have named him Hammy after the squirrel from 'Over the Hedge'. The sentiment from this card is one of his from the movie.

So when I set out to make a fall card, I came across the inside base of this card in Silhouette's Design store and decided to run with it.
After grabbing my CutCardstock paper, I got to work cutting out each element.
For the base of the card, I decided to emboss some clouds in it so it wasn't just a plain piece of blue sky.

 Next, what's a tree without detail?!
 Once all the elements were cut, I got to assembling
 The final outcome came out fairly close to what I had planned in my head.
 The tree on the front of the card is a Miss Kate Cuttables file.
 The inside of this card is from Silhouette's Design Store
For more CutCardStock papers, please visit the store.


Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Its such a cute little fall card !! I loved the pop up a lot :)

Sonja Bakonyi said...

Thank you

Mary Jones said...