Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine Digital Download

Today we have a free digital download to share with you that will help you add a little something special to Valentine's Day!

Just visit to grab your free .pdf file to print.  I printed mine on prefolded A2 invitations and in February, all A1 & A2 folded invitations are on sale.

Just head over to our digital file share to download your copy.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Make Valentine Treat Bags

It is that time of year. Many of us are getting ready for our kids to distribute Valentine's Day greetings to their classmates. I don't know about you but when I was little, it was enough to simply buy some cute cartoon cards and sign them. Now, it seems that everyone gives candy...OK, I always loved it when that one person in class gave candy, so why wouldn't I love the fact that nearly everyone does.
So, want to give the cutest, best Valentine's in the class? Here are some cute and simple treat bags with four chocolate hearts in it.

This is really simple and if you are even a beginning crafter, I bet you have most of this at home. If you need the awesome paper, just check out our homepage

Cut a section of waxed paper. I think mine was 12" across and the piece I cut was about 12". Fold it in half so the straight edges come together and sew as many 3-1/2 inch pockets as you can. I managed three with my piece.
Cut them apart and if you want, cut the threads. I like to keep them hanging to give a shabby chic look.
Next cut a 12x12" piece of Brown Bag Kraft paper into nine 4x4" pieces and fold them in half.
Next, cut Basis Dark Red into two 4x11" pieces. Using the first strip, punch the edge with an embellishing punch, cut it to 2 or so inches, cutting as many pieces as you can from the strip. Adhere a piece onto the lower part of the Greengrocer "topper" you previously made.
Using the second strip, punch hearts and add them to the center of the topper as shown.
Punch from Basis Natural White paper, scalloped or regular circles that will fit into the heart.
Stamp or print a small sentiment onto the circle and add it to the heart.
Create "leaves" out of ribbon by folding it back onto itself, using pieces about 4" long. Add one to each side of the heart. (You're almost there.)
Add chocolates to the bag and staple or tape the toppers onto the bag. Sign the back and give the best Valentine's ever!! products used on this project.
Brown Bag Kraft paper, Basis Natural White and Dark Red papers

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DT Call Thank You & Valentine's Day Project Recommendations

A big thank you to all who submitted their work for our Design Team Call!  We are so pleased to have such talented papercrafters show us their creations and want to be a part of our team.  Now the hard part.... we are working to choose the new members and will be notifying them by the end of the month.  We will be happily announcing our new team during the first week of February, along with a fabulous giveaway for one of our blog fans!

So have you thought about your Valentine's projects?  Here are some product recommendations for your sweet creations:

Kraft envelopes are perfect, and they're on sale until January 31st!
Lots of red, pink, white and black cardstock to choose from.... in many weights and textures!
Don't forget the ribbon and adhesive to keep it all together!
Is your sweetheart looking for the perfect Valentine's gift, in just the right color and size?  How about a CutCardStock gift certificate?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Simply Sweet Valentine's Box

I'm always looking for cute ways to give little, thoughtful gifts.  Today I want to share how I create simple boxes made from cardstock.  These boxes are simple to make and mass produce, and can easily be adapted to the size you need.  The finished size of this sweet little box is 3" high x 2" wide, squared.

I gathered my supplies:

First I cut my Black Muscletone cardstock to 8 x 8.  I scored three inches in on each side.  I chose the Muscletone 140# for this project because it is extra sturdy and scores really well, without and cracking or splitting of fibers.

Then I cut up to the score marks on the top and bottom edges, not the side edges.  I did trim some of the side edge tabs away, leaving enough area for my sticky adhesive tape to fit and create a nice grip.

I assembled the bottom of the box and added some pieces of patterned paper to create the look I wanted.

On to the top.... basically all the same steps.  This time, I cut my red cardstock to 4 1/8 x 4 1/8.  I scored in 1 inch from each side and cut up to the first score line again on two edges.  This created the tabs for me to add my adhesive tape to and assemble the lid.

I finished off with the 5/8" Organza ribbon in white.... a lovely little box to fill with special somethings.  Wouldn't this make darling favors for a wedding or shower?

CutCardStock products used in this project:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elegant Luminaria Tutorial

Valentine's Day sparks a little romance in all of us, if we have a significant other or not. So why not take a few minutes to create this lovely Luminaria for your dinner table. It will inspire peaceful, loving feelings.

I began the project with two Basis Black Gatefold cards. What I love about this is the transparent or vellum paper by CutCardStock. For this project, I used Curious Translucent Iridescents White.
Here's how you throw it together in a few quick minutes.
Begin with two Basis Black Gatefold Cards. Lay them flat onto the cut mat for the Wizard and center the die in the main panel. Cut it out and see what you get below.

Now, nest the two cut pieces and fold the sides back. Then settle the die into the cut area from the front so that the die will cut the other sides.

Join two of the sets together with tape (I used some washi tape just so you could see it).
Then use double sided adhesive to add the vellum to the three full "windows".
 Make sure that the iridescent side faces out. See the difference in the surface sheen below.

Place adhesive and vellum on half of the fourth window. 
Place adhesive on the last side. Remove the protective tape and match up the two sides. Voila!

Now embellish it with ribbon, pins and other accessories. Of course you could do more embellishing than I did but I wanted the light through the windows to be the main focus.

Don't forget to check out our homepage for this month's sales and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

You're My Sweetheart.... Owl Be Yours!

Gatefold cards are beautiful for all sorts of invitations and you can completely customize them for your event.  But, how about for an every day card or a Valentine?  You bet.... take a look at this one I made!
I decided to make this card landscape so that it opens top and bottom, but the gatefold cards can work great either way depending on what you're using on the outside.
I gathered my supplies....
The gatefold cards come scored, so there's no measuring and trying to get folds right here.  So I folded my card and then cut my stamp piece and two mats with the Rose Quartz and Lagoon Stardream Metallic cardstock.
I stamped the owl image and the sentiment on the Basis Natural cardstock and then stamped my pennant flags on patterned paper and cut them out.
I assembled my card front, adhering down the banner and adding punched hearts, drawing in the banner line with a brown pen.  I was originally going to add some glitter to the heart, but decided the metallic shine on the cardstock was plenty for me, but you "bling" it up as much as your heart desires!
Time to add the matted image to the gatefold.  You first have to decide if you want it to open from the top or bottom (left or right if you make it a portrait style).  I chose to have mine open from the top, so I added adhesive to just the top half of my matted image.

And there you have it.... this would make a darling Valentine's Day card or a great every day way to be extra sweet to someone special!

CutCardStock products used for this project: