Thursday, June 27, 2013

Add a Patriotic Punch to your Party!

Are you in the full swing of summer yet?  If not, the upcoming 4th of July should surely get you in the mood!  We hope you've enjoyed our month of patriotic projects; next month we'll be sharing lots of summer entertaining project ideas.  Today I'm sharing an easy way to help add a crafty touch to your 4th of July celebrations!

So, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I can appreciate that a little thought into your holiday get-together can really go a long way.  How about just adding a little decoration to water bottles and plastic utensil bundles?  I think it's great way to add a little punch into your party!

Just a few supplies to get this party started...
Cut 2” strips of the Sapphire cardstock.

Punch scallop circles from the Red Lacquer and punch stars from the Crystal.
With the red sticky tape, adhere the circles to the sapphire strips and then add the stars using the dimensionals.

Use these wraps around water bottles, utensil bundles and much more!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sewn Paper Happy Birthday Banner

If you have seen any amount of my (Eli) posts over the past few years with Cut Card Stock, you know that I love creating hanging banners with the beautiful card stock here. I created a new one for someone I love who's birthday is coming up soon (my daughter is turning 14).

If you have a sewing machine, get it ready but if you don't, just do everything with your favorite adhesive.
Let's get to it. Here's how:

  1. Gather supplies: Card stock, I used Pop Tones which are 10% off during June: Grape Jelly, Tangy Orange, Orange Fizz, Sour Apple, and Gumdrop Green. I cut each of the 8-1/2x11" card stock sheets in half for 4-1/4x11." Then in order to decide on the color combo, I arranged them in my hands and shot pics of them, like this. Sometimes I think seeing them like this helps me decide.
    I decided to use the combo with the reds on the end. I felt like it anchored the piece better.
  2. Cut banner letter matting from  Grape Jelly card stock. I made each letter 3-1/2".
  3. Then figure out what colors go with what is what I did...
    Write the letters:      H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y
  4. Write the numbers:  1  2  3 4  3  2  1 2 3  4 3  2  1 
  5. Assign a color to each number. Then figure out which colors are cut from which letter.
    1-Tangy Orange: H, I, Y
    2-Orange Fizz: A, B, A
    3-Sour Apple: P, Y, T, D
    4-Gumdrop Green: P, H, H
  6. Cut the letters from the colors...and hope you don't lose one like I did here...
    and then make the wrong replacement instead...(lol)

    I did eventually fix it to the right green color. :-)
  7. Lightly adhere letters to purple matting using Tombow Mono Multi-purpose glue to keep them from slipping when sewing. Be careful not use too much and gum up the sewing machine.
    Finally, all the right colors...
  8. Cut a long length of Red Satin Ribbon. Mine was 1/4" and I used four lengths of my arm span. Fold it in half and mark the center. Start with the letter "I" and pin it near the center. Finish pinning to the right and left to help with centering.
  9. Sew the letters onto the Red Satin Ribbon.
  10. Create a few hanging chains to embellish the banner. Cut out shapes and combine in fun descending order.
  11. Sew, making sure to continue moving the papers when you stitch in between, to give the shapes space to hang down.
  12. To give the hangings a bit of weight, add some beads to the bottom. Tie them onto the banner.
  13. Embellish the entire banner with sparkly sequins. I used flowers but stars or others would work too.
  14. String several buttons onto the end of the banner as a counter weight.
  15. Hang and party on!!! products used in this project:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tutorial Time with Lizzie

 Lizzie here with a FAB tute on how to create a great journal to track your awesome July activities!  I love creating small journals that I can keep in my purse or bag and take with me.  They are great for recording those adorable spur the moment moments and for those fab Instagram or Phone Photos that we all seem to take when we go out.  And as a bonus... it's a great way to use up those scraps!!
You will need:
3 Envelopes A7 (5 1/4 x 7 1/4)
2 Thick Cardboard/Chipboard paper cut to 7 1/8 x 4 7/8 inches
30 sheets of notebook paper cut 5x7 inches
2 Cardstock paper sheets cut to 5 1/2 x 7 (one red and one blue)
Scrap red and blue Cardstock
Circle Punch
Scrap notebook paper
Paper Trimmer
 First, take two envelops and place the thick cardboard/chipboard inside of them.  This will not fit fully into the envie, you will have about 1/4 of an inch left int he envie.  Adhere envie shut with glue
Take that extra space that is left in your envie and fold it back and forth.  This is to create a little score line.  Do this for your second envie.  These two will be the cover for your journal. 
 Cut down your note book paper.
 Now cut down your red and blue card stock to sizes listed above in the supply list.
Take your circle cutter and cute two half circles from the scraps of card stock that you had left over from the above step.  You need to do this twice or for however many cardstock sheets you have.
 We will be creating a tab like effect with our cardstock and half circles.  This is important that the card stock and half circle are the same colors.  To cover up the edges of the half circle and cardstock once it's adhered, take a 1x7 strip of paper that coordinates with your journal and lay it over the cardstock/half circle combo so the edge is covered but the tab sticks out.
 With your scrap notebook paper cut out six circles with your punch.  With the notebook paper, it's best to stack all six sheets of paper together and punch at once.  If you punch one sheet at a time the paper will rip and it will not fully cut b/c it is so thin.
Once you have your circles punched out, take five of them and fold then like above.  It might take a few times to get the folds 'just right', but it's okay and it will look great when you have it all put together.  Extra folds and all!
 Add the 'petals' to your base circle, one at a time and side by side.
 Arrange the inside of your book with the 3rd envie that is not used yet, 10 pages of note book paper, a divider, 10 pages of notebook paper, a divider and then 10 pages of note book paper.
You will then sew the pages to your journal together.  To learn how I do this, visit a past post of mine on how I put together an envie mini album.  You can see the step by step photo of how to sew your album together here.
 Since this is a junk journal, you want to go raid your stash for elements to add to your envie that will hold all your bits and bobs to help make your junk journal really pop!
All of my July inspired bits and bobs.  I have larger pieces that are in the envie and smaller pieces that are in the glassine bag.  I secured the bag to the envie with a clip.
 All nice and neat and ready for me to create on the go!
 Pages to write and doodle in.
 Divider... tho it's not really dividing anything... it's just to add a little fun element to the journal.
The front of my journal with my note book paper flower front and center!
I used the Red Hot Pop Tone Cardstock to make my journal POP.  There is cardstock and envies and they all can mix and match b/c they come in a great colors... so many great colors... like yummy colors.  Sorry... the colors are just FAB.  So hurry up... and get it on the sale and get 10% off off Pop Tones CS and Envies!  No code, no fuss!

CutCardStock Products Used:
Multipurpose Liquid Glue       Red Card Stock Blue Sparkle Card Stock
BASIS Colors A7 ENVELOPES - 25 pack - Buy Cardstock

Friday, June 21, 2013

Stars & Stripes Forever by Jamie Cripps

I am loving all the Patriotic projects that have been shared on the blog, aren't you!?  Jamie back today with another quick and easy patriotic card using the Malmero Perle carstock collection!  This cardstock is 92# and has soft subtle sparkle that really catches your eye!

 1. Cut out the home card digital cut using the Red Sparkle Cardstock and fold on the score line.
 2. With a craft knife, cut a 1"slit in the score area, this will be used to slide the twine through.
 3. Cut a long piece of twine and fold several times.  
 4. Push one end of the twine through the slit and then pull the other end around the side of the card.  Tape the ends down.
 5. The front of the card will look like this.
 6. Cut a piece of patterned paper to cover the roof of the house.
 7. Adhere it on the inside of the card as shown.
 8. Cut a piece of the Blue Sparkle Cardstock to mat the back of the card and adhere as shown.
 9. The front of your card will now look like this!
10. Use the White Uniball Signo Pen to create dashes around the house and heart.
11. Mat the sticker on the Red Sparkle Cardstock and then mat those on the Blue Sparkle Cardstock and adhere that with foam adhesive in the center of the twine.  Cut a scallop border then add ribbon and twine to embellish!

CutCardStock Supplies:
Red Sparkle Card StockBlue Sparkle Card Stock
3D Foam Adhesive TabsMultipurpose Liquid Glue

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