Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Tealight Presentation

Presentation matters! Prettily wrapped gifts make receiving the gift all the more exciting. Even a very inexpensive gift, presented in a special way, makes the gift even more thrilling to receive. I found some very inexpensive, but YUMMY smelling tealights but they were in such mundane and insignificant packaging. I'll bet with a little bit of cardstock, some ingenuity, and a bit of TLC, that the recipient will be most impressed with the presentation AND the yummy smell of the tealights.

The measurements I am giving you will be appropriate for 16 tealights so please measure your grouping of tealights before you begin this project. I understand that European tealights may be a different size from what we typically have in the US. Nevertheless, you can certainly adapt these instructions for your particular project.

For this project I have used Stardream Metallic Card Stock 105LB cover weight which is a very sturdy choice. For the matchbox style box to hold the tealights I have used the beautiful Stardream Metallic Bronze CS and cut the following:

Bottom of box - 9" X 6" scored at 1 3/8" on all 4 sides, using a bone folder to make all scorelines sharp. Clip to the score lines on the 6" side.

Cover for box - 10" X 6 1/4" scored on the long side at 1", 2 3/8", 5 1/2", and 6 7/8", again use a bone folder for the fold lines.

To make the bottom of the box to hold the tealights, fold in the small tabs and adhere to the longer tab, forming the ends and making an open box. I used Tombow Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue. See how much nicer this already looks than the original packaging???

Before making the outside of the box (the wrapper) I cut a window with Long Rectangle Spellbinder die and made a border with Scalloped Long Rectangle die using Stardream Metallic Fine Gold CS. For the window I used CTI Glama Natural Translucent (Vellum) Clear and then added a couple of organza bows for dimension and interest.

Now on to the backdrop! I cut another piece of the Bronze CS to 6/14" X 10 3/4", scoring at 7 1/2". I then used  Stardream Metallic Fine Gold CS and Stardream Metallic Flame CS to mat the DP from the Memory Box Nightfall pack. I also added another bow and a couple of gold metallic corners.

At this point I adhere the completed matchbox with tealights to the base of the backdrop using strong double face tape. In order to keep the backdrop standing I used a small velcro dot. Finally I decorated the backdrop with an embossed chipboard tree and fence and Autumn FlowerSoft on the ground. And here is the final product!!!

Thank you so very much for coming by today and I hope you will try this project and let me know what you think about it. If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to ask me in a comment or send me an email and I will get back to you right away. Until the next time, hugs from Jacque!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bokeh Engagement Invitation with Thank You Card

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a young couple in love! The promise of hope, happiness and  everything seems so attainable because of that love. Engagement parties are filled with that joy. 

I really wanted to create an invitation that would represent this joyous occasion. 

You can download the Bokeh Engagement Invitation and Thank You Card  HERE.

For these invites I choose to print them on our 
I choose this Cryogen White for many reasons. 
1.) I adore the subtle shimmer in it. It really just adds a touch of class.
2.) It is available in an #89lb cover which any home printer should be able to print on it.
3.) It offers a smooth print. Printing pictures on anything other than photo paper can be tricky. However the quality of this card-stock offers a very beautiful out put that I am very happy with!

Dont forget your matching envelopes!

Thank You Card Product Links for the Cryogen White

 When you open the psd file in Photoshop or Elements you will see a creme back-ground layer.
I created this layer if you wanted to keep a more vintage feel to these invites. You have several options here that can change the out come look of your invites.
1.) Add your photo and information. Flatten and Print.
2.) You can choose to hide this creme background layer so that your print out put will showcase the natural color of the card-stock you are printing on.
3.) You can change the opacity of the creme background layer. If you drop the opacity; the background creme layer will be more subtle.
4.) After creating your invite by adding your picture of choice, party information you can than flatten all the layers. Go into the Enhance tab, adjust lighting tab and change the contrast here to a more desired look and feel.

 After the party and all the well wishes... well its time to say Thanks. I created the Thank You cards with the same creme background so you will have the same options mentioned above. I thought I would also give you another great card stock choice to print the invites and thank you cards on.

Another one of my favorite card-stocks is the Cougar White Super Smooth. Sure it does not have the pretty shimmer that the Curious Metallic Cryogen White has, but it really prints just beautifully. Your image will be crisp and clear!
A2 Cougar White Plain Folded Cards
A2 Cougar White Envelopes
A7 Cougar Flat Cards
A7 Cougar Envelopes

Hope that you will enjoy this template!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paper Quilling

Hey! Happy day to you! It's Kristie Larsen here with a fall card to share with you. Are you ready to get busy? is having a discount on orange, brown and gold card stocks so I thought I would show you a fun way to use these amazing colours!

Here is my card:

Now I want to say this... if you are a paper quilling person and have any knowledge in this area, you might want to turn back now. Cause the honest truth is, I am NOT a paper quill-er/quilling person. I'm not ashamed to say that this is my first attempt at it, so it is far from perfect. But you always have to do something for the first time and I did however find some really helpful tutorials on Pinterest that I would love to share with you. HERE is an array of styles to try out and HERE is the inspiration for my card today. I love this tree and thought it would be amazing to make my own, but for fall of course!

Now, with that disclaimer, and even though this is something that is new to me, I wanted to share a bit about how I did it so you can do it too. Because there is no reason not to try it just because we are not paper quilling people! I know they have paper quilling tool kits and papers, but the Basic Colors from  are thin enough to use for this and a good ol' fashioned toothpick worked pretty good for me. So I hope after today you will feel confident enough to track down your own toothpick and give it a try!

I started by trimming my colours into little 1/4' strips. I wanted to add some green into my tree but mostly the colours are orange, gold/yellow and brown. All from the Basic Colors collection.

Using the tooth pick I rolled a strip of paper tightly around it.

Once I pulled it off the toothpick, it sat in a coil like this. Now this is where you can start using those tutorials from Pinterest. There are so many ways to pinch and pull the paper to create different looks. I wanted them to be leaf like so I loosened the coil just a bit and glued down the end.

I then pinched both ends but then pulled one end down taut and secured it with glue so one side was a point and the other a curve. Use the toothpick or tweezers to keep the curved end together while the glue dries.

After gluing and pinching all the strips, I started to lay out my tree. I actually sketched out the shape of it first with pencil and then started gluing things down.  The trunk is made up of folded and curved brown strips. I glued them all down using a white paper glue. I wanted my tree trunk to have more interest so I interspersed some lighter brown strips in there to balance the dark brown. I filled in the gaps of my design with little curls and swirls.

Next I took the gorgeous Super Gold paper from the Curious Metallics Collection to die cut my sentiment. It has this amazing shimmer I just love. I definitely need to get me more of it. I wouldn't mind an entire closet full!

I wanted it to pop off the card base so I die cut 2 sets of the sentiment in brown as well and off set the letters just a bit to add some height and a bit of a shadow.

Next I stamped and adhered my sentiment to finish it off!

And here is my finished card! Lots of fun swirls and colour to look at. These papers worked fabulously in my opinion. This paper was easy to roll, easy to glue and I think, for a quilling novice, it turned out pretty darn good! (No boasting here, just general surprise at the outcome. So glad it worked! Whew!)

So now it's your turn. Have you ever done any quilling before? I have noticed a few stamp companies  out there that have quilling stamp sets. But I think its much more fun to use actual paper.
Do you like the style? Do you want to try it now?! I know it's making a comeback in a modern way and I think is a stunning way to craft! I would LOVE to see what you create! If you do, please stop on by and leave me a comment and I will hop on over!

Thanks for joining us today at And be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get all sorts of crafty in your inbox!

Until next time.... just keep crafting!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn "Gift" Cards

Do you ever need a small gift at the last moment? For a lunch favor? For an "under-the-weather" friend? For a quick thank you? This is one simple project that you can make up and have on hand when you need to have that special little something to give as a token of friendship and thoughtfulness. Keep in mind that you can make this project in any size to accommodate your little gift and the measurements I am giving below are for the surprises I wanted to include in my cards. I have made three of them for this posting so that you can see that they can be made as clean and simple or as decorative as you wish. After you make your first one, you will see how easy it is to change the pocket sizes inside the cards to fit your gift/s and you will be able to configure the inside of the card to fit your needs.

The major thing that you need to keep in mind is the thickness of the little gift/s you want to include inside the card since you will need to make the spine of the card and the pocket/s inside using the same measurements. For my sample cards I have decided to include some sweets in two of them and an "under-the-weather" kit in the other one. The little gifts gifts measure 1" in thickness--my magic number!

I started with a 6 1/2" X 11 piece of Basis Brown 80LB Cardstock which will be the base of the card. To make the spine of the card, this piece of cardstock is scored on the long side at 5" and 6", using a bone folder to make the score lines sharp and crisp, providing the 1" spine.

My preference is for a very stable and rigid card so I selected 3 different coordinating cardstocks to layer for each of the four panels. I measured the four panels of the card and cut the following layers:

4 - Basis Dark Orange 80LB Cardstock - 6 1/4" X 4 3/4" 
4 - Basis Brown 80LB Cardstock - 6" X 4 1/2"
4 -  Basis Gold 80LB Cardstock - 5 3/4" X 4 1/4"

The gold layers were embossed using a Darice Fall Leaf Background folder before adhering all layers of the panels together with Tombow Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue.

I then cut 2 - Basis Dark Orange 80LB Cardstock for the inside and outside spines at 6 1/4" X 3/4".

Adhere two of the panels to the inside of the card.

This next step is very important and one that I have forgotten way too many times!! Be sure to adhere the closing ribbons to the front of the card before the other panels are added.

Then adhere the remaining two panels over the ribbon and your card is ready for the addition of the pockets to hold the little gifts.

In order to make the pocket to hold the chocolate bars, I measure around them to determine what length to cut the cardstock, keeping in mind that I also want at least a 1" overlap. I also want the pocket to be deep enough to hold the candy bars (3 1/4") and adding a 1" for the closed bottom.

In other words, I cut a 10 1/2" X 4 1/4" piece of Basis Brown 80LB Cardstock, scoring lengthwise at 1". The width of the chocolates is 3 5/ I scored the cardstock at 2",3",6 5/8", 7 5/8", using a bone folder to make the fold lines sharp. Clip the bottom of the pocket at each of the score lines to the 1" score line.

Using the chocolate bars as a form I wrap the cardstock around and adhere. Then fold the small tabs in and overlap the bottom and adhere as well.

Finally, I used a double-sided tape to adhere the pocket to the inside of the card.

Now the fun begins!!! At this point you can decorate your card as simply or as decorative as you wish. As I said, I have made 3 cards and will show them to you below, both the outside and the inside, from the simplest to the most here goes.....

For the cleanest and simplest card, to present a couple of Ritter chocolate bars, I merely added a computer generated sentiment and a simple jotting spot inside:

For the get-well-soon card, I made a couple of paper rosettes, punched several leaves, and used computer generated sentiments. You will notice that the inside of this card is different...I even used a belly band for the tissues. This card contains peppermint tea bags, some honey packs, and a pack of tissue:

For the most decorative card, I used a sweet image from Art By Mi Ran, a satin bow, flowers, a sentiment from Whimsy Stamps, and more punched leaves. The image was stamped on Curious Metallic Cryogen White 89LB Cardstock and colored with Copics and Promarkers. This card holds two Godiva chocolate pearls canisters:

All finished!! Just tie your card together and deliver to make someone very happy!!!!

Thank you so very much for coming by today and I look forward to seeing you again real soon! If you have any questions about my instructions, please leave the question in a comment or send me an email and I will get back to you right away. I hope you try this little project and I would love to see your lovely creations. Until the next time I send BIG HUGS....Jacque 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Card

Hello there! I can't believe we are in the mid of September already, where has Summer gone?! With Autumn approaching (although it feels like it already) , I want to share a Thanksgiving card that I created using CutCardStock Card Stocks, I know....I can't believe I totally skipped Halloween! lol. Anyway, I hope this project gives you an idea of what to create or inspire you to create something else for this coming Thanksgiving! :)

Step 1: First you will need a couple of fall leave cut images, then you can make a new image from there by creating a frame with attached fall leave around it. Following are silhouette's designer software screen shots for illustrating this step.

Create a frame such as the above and make sure to select all and click "Make" from the "MODIFY" window

Place leaves around the frame, be sure each leaf touches the side (but not over) of the frame. In the same "MODIFY" window, click "Weld" and the following image will appear.

Cut three smaller leaves for decorating the card later

Step 2: Take a piece of gold Basis Card Stock that is slightly smaller than 4- 1/4" x 5- 1/2" in size, run it through big shot with a fall-themed embossing folder (I used Darice's)

Step 3: Using double-sided foam tape, place and adhere embossed card from Step 2 above behind the cut-out frame from Step 1. I find it easier if you stick foam tape behind brown card stock (around frame) instead of on the embossed gold card stock.

Step 4: Embellish some of the background leaves with some patterned cut-out fall leaves (smaller size to create the shadow effect), stamp sentiment. 

I hope you like this card and decide to make one too!

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Thanks for visiting, and have a great day! :)