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Our Story. . . 

Cutcardstock.com began in 2006 as a dream while sitting at our dining room table.    At this time Cindy was working with a paper supplier , but this paper supplier did not offer card stock in sizes other than 8.5x11.    Cindy began offering small sizes of cards, cutting them on a rotary cutter by hand.  As more 5x7 and other cards began to sell, we saw a need for a larger cutter.  We decided to purchase a table top power cutter.   At the time, purchasing this cutter was a step of faith.  We bought the cutter and had it shipped to us.  It looked like new, and we couldn’t  wait to get it home and try it.  After we unloaded it and plugged it in we discovered that it was missing the key to turn it on  so we hired  a locksmith to  make a key for it, but it still wouldn’t  turn on.   We called a repairman and he gave us an estimate to fix it which was as much as we paid for the machine.  Boy, were we caught in a dilemma.  Do we fix our “great deal” or not?   Our dream began to fade just a little because we were living on a tight budget.  We decided to have it fixed.   We carried this 200 pound cutter upstairs to one of our spare rooms and that became Cindy’s cutting room.   She continued to make special cuts for people and then deliver them each day to a paper company that would in turn ship them to their customers.  After a year or so of working with the other paper company, the owner of that company encouraged Cindy to start her own business that would offer blank invitations, smaller cuts of card stock and envelopes.  So in 2007, we opened CutCardStock.
During  this time I was working full-time outside our home, and my wife was working part-time at home.   We added a scoring machine at this time so we could offer Blank folded invitations and Gate fold Invitations.   We had much to learn about having our own business, but we had a dream of  reaching out to more customers.
Through the course of events and the  stress  my job placed on myself and our family, I chose to step down  and to look for another job.  For those of you who have done this, you probably know what I’m about to tell you.  Of all the places I filled out an application and turned in a resume , nobody was looking to hire a 42 year old man and pay him enough for his family to live on and provide insurance.   After several months of what seemed like dead end roads, my wife and I made a crucial decision to take our business full-time.   Since 2007  we have been selling cardstock, envelopes, and  blank invitations  on our website.  During this period of time our faith has been challenged almost daily, from having a good business day to wondering if we made the right decision.  Through our early years of working with paper, envelopes and card stock we have learned a few things concerningpaper weights and envelopes sizing.  We also try to make this knowledge available for our customers.
In case you are wondering,  we no longer are using our dining room table as our shipping table. Our business is now located in a 3300 square foot warehouse about 2 miles from our home .  We  have  also been able to upgrade our cutter  several times and the one we have now is about five and a half feet tall and weighs 2,000 pounds. We have added an additional scoring machine.  We have also added a paper drill machine and a corner rounder.
CutCardStock is able to offer helpful and friendly customer service because of the addition of employees:  Ruth, Ellen, Holly, and Andrew
We  count it as a privilege to use some of our profits to reach out and to help others.  We believe that since God has been faithful to help take care of our family, we in turn should also reach out and help others.  We have been fortunate to help our local  Campus Life YFC (Youth for Christ-a ministry) that reaches out to the  youth in our community.     Because of our blessings, we have been able to help support the  building of a children’s home in Burkina Faso (a country near Nigeria) to help house up to 10 children whose parents have died from AIDS.  We have also been able to share in helping serve some overseas missions.
Our family would like to thank each of you for giving us a chance to be your card stock company.
Darrell and Cindy Crots, founders of CutCardStock:
Ruth (above) is one of our friendly Customer service representatives.  She answers the phone and processes orders.  Her specialty is customer service.  She has been working for CutCardStock since April 2011.
Below is Andrew,  he is instrumental in keeping our shelves stocked with product and he does most of our cutting.    He has worked for CutCardStock since July 2013.

Ellen started working for us in August of 2011.  Ellen is a great part of our team. She oversees the daily operations of orders and shipping.  If you speak Spanish or French and need assistance with your order, please be sure to ask to speak to Ellen. 
 Holly joined the CutCardStock team in January of 2013.  She is one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives.