Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Custom Paper Embellished Coasters

Hello all! We are continuing our Fall journey though September with orange, brown, gold and black stock. I have been all about decoupage lately and was dying to share a project that would incorporate some Modge Podge. I thought with the current theme and time of year, custom coasters would be a great idea to try. You can always hand these out as gifts, or use them for the holidays. They are sure fire conversation starters and a chance to show off your D.I.Y. chops.

What you'll need:
  • Modge Podge (I like the matte finish, but it comes in gloss also)
  • Sponge brush
  • Cut Card Stock paper (see below)
  • Shape punches
  • Cork Coasters (usually sold in packs of 4)
  • Exacto Blade
  • Round corner punch tool

Step 1. Apply Modge Podge to one of your coasters and add paper.

Use liberally to simply affix the paper to the coaster.

You can either measure out your paper as it relates to the coaster, or be lazy and use your exacto blade to both measure and trim your square. I attempted to use the blade to remove the corners with um, lets say less then stellar results. Do yourself a favor and just use a round corner tool. If there is a slight difference in the radius it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Step 2. Punch paper and arrange creatively on top of each coaster. Make sure you use thin coats when coating and allow 15-20 minutes drying time between coats!

Clockwise: (1) I used basis black card stock and arranged strips of origami paper. I then finished the look with some vintage stamps I had lying around. (2) I simply laid down some white savoy cotton and then placed a shaped strip on top. (3) This coaster features a glitter backing and a brown and orange floral with a glitter center (4) Another shaped punch strip.Two coats of modge podge on all!

These should last you a long time, or, along with a nice note, this is one of the nicest gifts to give or receive!

Cut Card Stock materials used in this project:

Christy Toney
Design Team Member - Winter/Spring 2014 Term

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Hello Fall" Card

Are you enjoying our Fall theme on the blog?  I love everything Fall.  Leaves, crisp air, football games, soup in the crockpot, anything pumpkin spice flavored....you get the idea.  I find this season inspires my crafting as well because I love the warm colors and natural textures.  Here's a little "Hello Fall" card I made:

 I used Savoy 100% cotton for the base of the card, and I stamped my leaves and sentiment on it as well.  I love the look of the cardstock and it's organic feel is perfect!

This simple background stamp I used added just the right backdrop for my warm colored leaves.  Instead of giving them a lot of dimension, I adhered them with mini glue dots placed toward the center of the leaves.  This lets the edges stay a little lifted.  I added just a few natural looking embellishments to finish off the card.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy Fall!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Thankful For You: Fall Card

Hey there CutCardStock.com fans! It's Kristie here today to share with you a fall-themed card using the lovely fall coloured card stocks you can find at CutCardStock. 

Today I used a few different card colours of stocks. Some oranges, browns and the lovely glitter paper that I am just dying over!

I started with using my Cricut and the basic Accent Essentials cartridge that came with the machine. I cut out a few shadow and details of different leaves in 2 different sizes and colours (see card stock links below)

As you can see, this paper cuts like a dream! Look at the glitter paper... it's a smooth card stock so the Cricut and my cuttlebug cut through it with no problems, and it stays nice and glittery. And it's gorgeous too!

After cutting a bunch of items I laid them out on my table to come up with a configuration I liked. I really have to move things around a lot in order to find something appealing to me. This is why I cut a few extra pieces just in case. It makes it much easier!

I die cut my medallion piece and embossed my sentiment.

After I laid everything on my card base I took all the extra pieces from the die cuts and trimmed them down into little bits to add detail. It kind of rounds out the look, making it not so uniformed since I used the same images for my big pieces. I just couldn't throw out any of the paper and it's a good thing. A lot of it came in handy!

And here is the final project:

Thanks for joining me today for my first CutCardStock.com project! I am so excited to be joining the team and sharing with you every month. Be sure to check back for more inspiration from the other team members and be sure to hop over to THE STORE to enjoy their coupon on black card stock as well as orange, brown and gold this month! That's all going to come in handy very very soon!!

Kristie Larsen

Happy Crafting!

CutCardStocks products used in this project:

Flavours Gourmet
Toasted Nutmeg

Carmel Glitter

Basis Dark Orange

Flavours Gourmet
Moroccan Cocoa
Brown Bag Kraft

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Wagon Home Decor

Hello all, this is Alexia with you today! It's my first post for CutCardStock so I would like share a cut file I designed recently, a little treat for you. :) You can download this file at the bottom of this post and create your own fall wagon (personal use only, please)! Lets welcome the fall and decorate your living space with this little cute fall wagon. :) Followings are the instructions to construct the wagon. 

Adhere yellow strip of cut-out card stock behind the image. 

                                    Apply adhesives on both the top and bottom of the closing flaps

 Close and adhere the flaps to form a box

Run the wheels through Xyron Sticker Maker

Adhere on top of the orange wheels and using double sided foam tape, attach the wheels to the wagon

Steps for assembling the handles to the wagon. Insert the handles into the square holes on the box and glue the flaps to the box as shown in the following pictures

This is how it turns out, isn't cute?! I have this sitting at my kitchen window. :) I hope you like it too! Thank you for stopping by!

To download the cut file please click at the link below:
For Svg file CLICK HERE
For Sihoutte Studio file CLICK HERE

I hope you have a wonderful day, Alexia

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Wedding Escort Cards

Ahhhh! We are approaching my all time favorite season. The Fall season. The changing of the leaves, the cool, crisp weather, the excuse to buy a new pair of boots... I love it. Being a Chicago girl, you eventually learn to embrace the cold, but the journey to that dark, sad place CAN be an aesthetically pleasing one.

This month, CCS is focusing on a few of the "stars" of this season... The colors orange, brown and gold! Such great combos can be created from this palette and I'd like to share a simple, but effective idea for some Fall escort cards. I think these will look great on your table for the right kind of wedding!

What you'll need:
  • Ornate Leaf Punch
  • Basis Orange
  • Basis Brown
  • Brown Bag Kraft Tent Cards
  • Glue 

1. Punch out your leaves... I had incorporated Antique Gold as well, but you want to make sure that this embellishment does not become a distraction to your names. You only want to slightly augment the kraft tent card with this, not overwhelm it.

I just happened to find this cool leaf punch. Normal leaves work just as well. You want to do two different colors.

2. Marry your two leaves... See what I did there? Just a little wedding humor, lol. Seriously though you want to have your lighter colored leaf glued directly behind your darker colored leaf.
The lighter leaf creates a nice "shadow".

3. Affix the glued leaves to the tent card and optionally add horizontal strip... It was tricky placing the leaf in the corner. While its obvious that you want to go for a dimensional look here, be careful to affix it to the same place on each card so that your escort card table looks neat/orderly.
The horizontal strip "finished" the look in my opinion. I didn't like the edge of the leaf exposed.

Again, I wrote in calligraphy using the CCS ZIG memory system calligraphy pen, but you can also simply write your guest names neatly in a block or cursive font.

Cut Card Stock materials used in this project:

Christy Toney
Design Team Member - Winter/Spring 2014 Term